A microwave love story

You might not have heard anyone admit to loving a microwave, but I am an unabashed admirer of what my microwave can do.

Here are some of the tasks that I employ my microwave to do in record time—and, I suspect, with less energy than conventional methods:

  • Steam ears of corn in their husks, which has the added benefit of making it easy to remove their silks.
  • Cook winter squash completely (see microwave instructions in a previous post) or soften the squash so you can cut it in half to bake or add cut pieces to soup.
  • Make a bowl of tomato soup or stewed tomatoes by chopping tomatoes or piercing cherry tomatoes and microwaving.
  • Soften whole leaves of kale, Swiss chard, and collards and then chop into a serving of soup or stew.
  • Shorten the soaking time of beans and legumes by microwaving in water until hot and then soaking.
  • Cook cellophane or rice noodles.
  • Prepare grains, like oatmeal, couscous, bulgur, and quinoa.
  • Heat a moist washcloth for an instant facial spa treatment!

I’d love to know how you use your microwave.


4 thoughts on “A microwave love story

  1. I use it to make apple sauce which I freeze and then months later with that applesauce make apple ‘butter’ or jam with very little sugar, also in the microwave. Eight minutes high, stir it with a spoon, another 8 minutes also at high and then it’s delicious, very low sugar and spreadable.

    • Great idea! I’m thinking that next year I might try making easy and fast “microwave jam” with other fruit, like apricots. Looking forward to it.

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