A salute to a super sandwich spread

Here I share another inspiration (see my previous inspiration) from Vegetarian Everyday, published by the Swedish couple who bring us the Green Kitchen Stories blog. Use on toast, corn tortillas, or steamed vegetables; as a topping for a bowl of soup, chili, or stew; or as a dip with chips.

Sweet pepper & sunflower seed spread with rosemary

I took a shortcut and used a jar of fire-roasted red and yellow peppers, but you can substitute 3 large red bell peppers, roasted and peeled, as in the original recipe. To unify the flavors and make the spread creamier, I added avocado.

  • sunflower seeds
  • New Mexico chile powder or cayenne
  • kosher salt
  • roasted red and yellow peppers from a jar, drained and rinsed
  • fresh lemon juice
  • fresh rosemary leaves from a couple of sprigs
  • avocado
  1. Lightly toast sunflower seeds with chile powder and salt in a dry pan over medium heat.
  2. Whirl peppers with sunflower seeds, lemon juice, and rosemary until smooth. Add avocado and adjust seasonings to taste. Store chilled in an airtight glass jar.

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