Fresh veggie spring rolls with a flair

If you haven’t made fresh spring rolls, you’re in for a treat and a great no-cook, DIY party idea. A rice paper wrapper becomes pliable and a bit sticky when dipped in hot water, which makes it easy to wrap around your favorite springtime ingredients.

Veggie spring roll with nori

What makes this spring roll special is adding nori (the toasted seaweed wrapper used in sushi rolls) inside the rice paper rollup. You can dip your rolls in sauces, like peanut and sweetened vinegar, but I just add my favorite sauces (Sriracha and Sontava hot sauces) inside my rolls.

  • bean thread noodles
  • vegetables: daikon, carrot, mushrooms, green onion, spring garlic, snow peas, sugar snap peas, steamed asparagus, etc.
  • lettuce leaves
  • fresh basil, cilantro, and mint leaves
  • avocado, sliced
  • seasoned tofu or tofu burgers, sliced
  • cashew pieces, sunflower seeds, and/or slivered almonds
  • rice paper wrappers
  • toasted nori, cut into strips
  • hot sauce and dipping sauces
  1. Hydrate bean thread noodles in hot water for 10 minutes. Drain and transfer to a small serving bowl.
  2. Slice raw vegetables into thin strips or matchsticks and transfer to a large serving plate. Add asparagus, lettuce, herbs, avocado, and tofu or tofu burgers to the plate. Set nuts in a small serving bowl. Put several cups of hot water in a large bowl.
  3. Dip one wrapper in the hot water about halfway and quickly rotate it once clockwise until the wrapper is completely wet. Immediately remove it from the water and spread it out on a plate (it becomes translucent and sticky). Add a strip of nori along the middle of the wrapper and top with fillings and sauces. Fold one edge of the wrapper over the ingredients, tuck in the wrapper sides, and roll until the opposite wrapper edge sticks to the roll. Repeat.

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