Adventurous breakfast ideas

Okay, put on your seatbelt. Here are some of my interpretations of the term “breakfast food.”

Hot options

  • steel-cut oats and raisins soaked, cooked, and served with almond butter and mashed banana
  • coarsely chopped apples simmered with orange zest and cinnamon, then topped with yogurt and almond butter or nut pieces
  • cooked vegetables, beans, and/or lentils seasoned with mustard, mustard aioli, or hot sauce, heated in the microwave, and spooned onto a warm corn tortilla

Cold options

  • mashed avocado, hot sauce, super-firm tofu, and butter lettuce on walnut wheat toast
  • almond butter, super-firm tofu, leaf lettuce wrapped in a warm corn tortilla
  • mustard or mustard aioli, tempeh, and romaine lettuce on a toasted rosemary ciabatta roll
  • mustard or mustard aioli, a homemade or purchased veggie burger, and butter lettuce on a brown-rice rice cake
  • seasonal fruit smoothie with a bit of soy milk
  • yogurt topped with my homemade fruit compote or jam and nut butter or nut pieces

Feel free to add your favorites to my list (vegetarian options only, please).


One thought on “Adventurous breakfast ideas

  1. Love your “breakfast” ideas! Hot Option #1 is usually my lunch though I use quick rolled oats or mixed cereal grains, vary the fruit and add almond “milk” or low fat milk. Variations on your Hot Option # 3 is what I very often have for dinner. Instead of the tortilla I have grains: millet, quinoa, cracked wheat, brown rice, whole wheat pasta, buckwheat noodles or just regular pasta. Also I vary the condiments: mild fresh salsa, pesto, olives, preserved salted lemon, capers, grated cheese. Depending of condiment, vegetables or cereal/pastas the dish can have different “ethnicities”! Or so I tell myself….. But it’s all very healthy.

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