Sweet nothings for nothing sweet

It’s been about six months since I decided to stop eating sugar. What made me do that?

My body seemed to be telling me it didn’t like sugar. A cookie would leave a sour-metallic aftertaste. A divine dessert at a restaurant or at a friend’s home would bring an overwhelming fatigue that made it difficult to keep my eyes open (and continuous yawning wasn’t fun either). I thought, Why not avoid sugar and see what happens?

I am very grateful that I am not naturally drawn to sweets. I enjoy making and eating savory dishes. So this new eating plan has been only a slight shift, not the big transition it might be for a sugar lover.

I found that although sugar is viewed as a special treat, it is enjoyed often because it comes in a lot of different guises and is in so many of the foods we buy (I’ve been reading a lot of food nutrition labels). I also had not considered that sugar is the way we celebrate and acknowledge special occasions (I don’t see a bowl of fruit replacing birthday cake anytime soon).

I sometimes feel a twinge when others are enjoying their sweets, but I remind myself that I would not be happy with how my body reacts and why I started this challenge in the first place. So the bottom line is that not eating sugar is working for me.

But not eating cheese … now that would be a whole other thing …


One thought on “Sweet nothings for nothing sweet

  1. Wise decision because we do not need the amount of sugar we find in just about everything we eat these days!

    There was a time when sweetness was valued because it was rare…. honey, the nectar of flowers, celebrated by poets and writers, and as you say it was something to indulge in on special occasions, celebrations, at the end of a banquet. Now we have “sweetness” in great abundance, manufactured mostly from corn, and we become used to it from infancy, it tastes very nice to young palates because yes, young bodies need it to grow. And we become addicted and crave it, but that doesn’t mean that it is healthy in the amounts it is now found in most ‘processed’ foods.

    Fortunately it’s not that difficult to reverse the habit, as you are finding out…… So why not eat ‘natural’ foods, enjoy the variety of flavors and at the same time avoid the many health problems that too much sugar invariably brings on.

    Sorry to be carried away, but this is one of my pet peeves!

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