Too much of anything

Everywhere we look we get the message that we can’t have enough fame, wealth, and beauty. Yet we all know people who aren’t happy even though they have reached “success” in one form or another. Could it be that too much of anything—even things we desire—isn’t good for us?

I’m not saying that we shouldn’t strive to be happy, but can we know success without knowing failure? Can we understand what we like without experiencing what we don’t like?

Life has its opposites: work and play, silence and noise, spending and saving, being with others and being alone, and so on. When I spend time at one end of a continuum, I feel compelled to move toward the other end to attain some kind of balance. Might it be that I’m searching for equilibrium and not an abundance of anything?

Maybe being happy is about accepting that life is continually moving in and out of balance and, instead of feeling uncomfortable when life seems out of balance, recognizing that it is when life is out of balance that I learn about myself—what I like and dislike, what my needs are and how to fill them, etc.?  Definitely something I want to remain in my consciousness.

[This post was borne out of  GK’s comment on a previous post that “Too much of anything is depleting.”]


One thought on “Too much of anything

  1. Always the idea of balance, equilibrium, is so comforting. Synonymous of centered…. not of ‘comfortable’. Slightly off-centered and then we can still continue upward. Too much of anything and the feeling of “guilt” starts to creep in…. too little and that’s not good either….. with all its implications.

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