Word of the year

This week, someone in my meditation group shared that she is in the middle of selecting her “Word of the Year.”  Word of the Year … now that sounds interesting! The idea makes so much sense—kinda like a New Year’s resolution or a mantra, but so much more.  I love the notion of a single word guiding me through the next 12 months.

If I pick a word that aligns with how I want to be in the world, think of how it could inform and even transform me, day by day.  The big question: Is there a word that could do that?

Lately I’ve been thinking that I plan my life to avoid outcomes that could cause pain or threaten my safety or well-being (“future fears”).  What word would help me to believe that I could handle whatever life brings me without all the what ifs?

“Courage” came to mind, but it didn’t have the zing I was looking for—felt impersonal and a bit grand.  “Fearlessness” sounded like a good candidate, but it seemed to honor what wasn’t there instead of what was there and didn’t give me the guidance I was looking for.

Then, without a clear reason why, “Acceptance” popped up and immediately made me feel calm and centered—as in accepting the future whatever it is, accepting myself, accepting others, accepting all aspects of life, being nonjudgmental.  Now that all hit home.

What do you think about the Word of the Year idea?


3 thoughts on “Word of the year

  1. Yes…. I like “acceptance” very much. The word that came to mind as I was reading the post was “flow”. Like in “go with the flow” which is not unlike “acceptance.

  2. My friend Zelda has selected her Word of the Year: “Presence,” as in being aware of who she is in the world and how she shows herself to others.

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