Culinary adventures in process

I’m thinking that if I write down all of the culinary adventures that I’m thinking about or in the middle of doing that I might actually stay focused and get them done!

  • My home-brewed red-wine vinegar is aging nicely in the pantry. I need to reserve a half-cup for starting the next batch.
  • Next to it is a bottle of local, organic blackberries macerating in store-bought white balsamic vinegar to make a tangy and lightly sweet ingredient for salad dressings. I need to get fruit (raspberries now and persimmons coming soon) if I want to continue my fruity vinegar explorations.
  • I have a cup of leftover Chardonnay in the fridge that I intend to make into white-wine vinegar using Bragg organic apple cider vinegar as the “vinegar mother” starter.
  • A neighbor and I are going to brine green olives (picked in September/October) and then black olives (picked in November) from the same public olive trees growing in our Northern California neighborhood.
  • We recently went on a tour and tasted yummy cheeses at Harley Farms Goat Dairy in Pescadero, California, so I’m thinking about making a very simple fresh cheese using goat milk from a farmers’ market source (not sure when I can get the milk) and herbs from my garden pots.
  • On the same Pescadero trip, we stopped by Phipps Country Store & Farm and picked up piles of unique dried bean varieties, including Buckskin, Green Flageolets, and Nightfall—all of the types I picked were grown right there at the farm.  I need to research bean recipes for this fall and winter.
  • I’m thinking that a flavored homemade mustard (less salty than store varieties?) might be a nice treat to add to stews and soups, and because it doesn’t use summer ingredients, I can create my mustard experiment sometime in late fall to early spring.
  • Soon we will bring the canning equipment in from the garage to preserve tomatoes and jalapenos, for sure, and who knows what else.
  • I read in a food blog about freezing fresh corn kernels, which would be so nice to add to vegetable and bean dishes throughout the winter, so that’s on my list.

What culinary adventures are in process or on your to-do list?


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