Tomato tasting + potluck

What fun to have a tomato tasting–potluck party in our front yard last night—a purely California summer happening.  We all sat around the courtyard and celebrated the tomato by bringing mostly homegrown tomatoes to taste and a dish to share that had tomatoes as an ingredient.

It was a blind tasting, so we didn’t know what varieties of cherry and regular tomatoes that we were enjoying.  Then we voted by a show of hands which tomatoes were our favorites.

In the cherry tomato division:  ‘Sun Sugar’ (gold) was the winner, with ‘Galinas’ (yellow) as the runner-up.  In the regular tomato division:  ‘Miracle Sweet’ (red) was the top vote-getter, and I’m not sure which one was second, but ‘Ananas Noire’ (purple/green/orange skin and green/red flesh) was in the running.

The tomato potluck was amazing.  We all knew we could make caprese salad, pasta casseroles, and lasagna with tomatoes (all were delish!), but who knew that you could make a savory tomato tart and addicting tomato cookies, tomato cake, and tomato sorbetto (along with basil sorbetto and ricotta gelato)?

Do you wish you could have been there?  Who knows, there might be another tomato tasting and potluck next year!


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