Food-related idiosyncrasies

Reading some foodie blogs where issues are raised along with how-tos, I realize that I’m not alone in some of my food-related convictions (idiosyncrasies?).

About a year ago, I decided to stop purchasing food in hard plastic.  Why?  Because I kept hearing about the masses of plastic ending up in our oceans and realized that I didn’t want to contribute to that mess.  Although plastics are recyclable where I live, I don’t have any control over where the plastics go once they leave my curb.  What I have control over is what I buy.

My no-hard-plastics vow has changed my food-shopping habits and is helping me to eat more sustainably (Shannon wrote eloquently in her Why Food Sustainability Matters and 10 Things You Can Do About It blog post about food sustainability and sustainable eating).

If I want foods that are usually packaged in hard plastic, like yogurt, cottage cheese, hummus, pesto, salsa, etc., I need to find them packaged in glass or roll up my sleeves and make them myself (Shannon’s sustainable eating tips #6—Give Up Store Bought Convenience Foods and Make Your Own and #10—Be Willing to Give Up Convenience).  I’ve had success getting local sources to package in glass and have had fun exploring how to make these food items from scratch.  My “aha” moment:  Although I was used to the convenience of having these foods on hand whenever I wanted them, I realized that I didn’t need them all the time.

A natural progression of my no-hard-plastics-vow is to follow another of Shannon’s sustainable eating tips:  #4—Preserve the Harvest.  This year, we plan to can (in glass, of course) tomatoes and hot chiles and to try dehydrating items from the farmers’ market for the first time (just got a food dehydrator through

Any thoughts you’d care to share about sustainable eating?


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