Day 30 already

It’s truly amazing that it has been a month—that I’m halfway through my 60-day dine-in challenge to eat food that I’ve prepared or has been prepared by people I know or want to know.

Friends are asking:

“Don’t you miss eating out?”  It’s weird, but not at all.

“Are you doing it to save money?”  Yes, for sure.

“Remind me why you are doing this?”  Some reasons that I had at the beginning and some that have come to light over time:

  • get and stay inspired to cook on a regular basis
  • connect with other people who enjoy cooking
  • socialize with others in our homes or outdoor spaces instead of restaurants
  • gain confidence in my cooking by focusing on easy, tasty, and healthy
  • have more control over what I’m eating

How has it been so far?

Pluses: I found new cookbooks and cooking-related blogs to inspire me and have had fun with the slow cooker.  I’m more likely to chat with people about what they’re cooking when I’m at the farmers’ market.  I feel good physically and feel more motivated to walk and be outdoors (for example, today, I’m joining a friend for a brown-bag lunch at a local park).  I’ve tried completely new recipes and techniques.  I’m looking forward to summer at the farmers’ market.

Minuses: When the outcome of my cooking isn’t tasty, I don’t feel particularly motivated to cook again. I have a tendency to ad lib recipes and add too many ingredients that produce a focusless and flavorless dish—just the opposite of my intent.  It is difficult not liking what I’ve spent time and energy cooking, but I need to be realistic that I will most likely be disappointed some of the time as I try out new recipes, new flavors, new textures, and new tools.

I’m excited to see what the next 30 days will bring, especially as summer vegetables make their way from the field to the farmers’ market to my kitchen.  Stay tuned … 🙂


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