Day 21: cause and effect

Today is Day 21 of my dine-in challenge.  I’ve decided to write down some of my observations.

  • Time has whizzed by.  I have not experienced even one oh-no-I-have-to-cook moment.  I’ve tried out new techniques (the slow cooker) and new cookbook authors, which have been motivators.
  • Not once have I felt deprived about not being able to go out to eat. We met friends for an art gallery opening and drinks—instead of dinner—and it was fun.
  • We’ve had one dinner guest so far.  My husband prepared three pizza doughs, and he topped two of them.  I dressed one pizza based on an idea from Sunset magazine, and our guest did not like my pizza (he liked the others).  I weathered that feedback just fine (one of my fears about cooking for others was people not liking what I prepared).
  • I really enjoy cooking and breaking bread with others.  Food made by friends is the greatest because we know the people who added their energy and love to what they made.
  • When I eat my own cooking, I feel lighter and more comfortable in my body, so I’ve been feeling really good physically.  In recipes, I tend to reduce the salt and add more vegetables, herbs, and spices.  When I eat salty or rich/heavy food, I just don’t feel that good the next day, like my body is purging what it doesn’t like.  Eating only my own cooking for the rest of my life isn’t practical, but knowing why I feel better might encourage me to make different choices at restaurants and to socialize more at home over time.

That’s it for now.


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