The more, the merrier

A friend sent me a comment that I wanted to share:

Just read about your dine-in challenge on your blog – you go girl! Maybe you want to start a “dine-in” group where people can get together for a “dine-in” meal at each other’s homes. Four friends did that when we were in our 20s – we were going out to eat every night and getting tired of it, so we declared one night a week to be “dinner club” and the idea was that one person would do all the cooking & cleanup for everyone and that way it was sort of like going out but we’d take turns. It went on for years and eventually turned into competitive cooking (that’s what you get when you put 4 women with Masters and PhDs in Computer Science together 🙂 and I learned so much about cooking. Plus it was fun.

What an interesting concept—a dine-in club of some sort.  Could happen entirely separately from the dine-in challenge.  This idea never occurred to me.

My friend also said that she might join me in the eat-in challenge in July, if I decided to extend it.  If you’re contemplating taking the challenge, let me know.  I’d be interested to know how you might change the guidelines that I set out.  I’m all ears (yeah, corny).  🙂


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