The devil’s in the details

Now that I’ve thought a bit about why I want to take a dine-in challenge for 30 days (see my recent post), I’m thinking about what guidelines I should follow.

Here’s what I’m thinking for the month of June 2010:

  • I will not eat food prepared at a restaurant or ready-to-eat meals from a grocery store in the San Francisco Bay Area. I think this means that I will eat food prepared by me or people I know or would like to know. 🙂
  • A drink does not equal food, so I may drink anywhere.
  • I will choose ingredients that are local and organic, just organic, or just local.
  • I will blog about my experience.

How do I foresee this pledge affecting me?

  • In March 2010, I dined out at least 7 times; in April, at least 11 times; and so far in May at least 6 times, with more planned.  Eating prepared food is usually more expensive than buying ingredients, so even if I buy more ingredients, I should show a savings.
  • I can still socialize out, like go for coffee or tea with a friend.
  • I will have to identify resources that inspire and motivate me to cook even when I don’t feel like it. Maybe a bit more menu planning is in my future.
  • It is terrifyingly obvious to me that we will invite friends over to eat.  I’m not that confident about my cooking (I like to experiment with recipes or not use recipes at all, so the results aren’t always glorious) and don’t like the spotlight on what I make.  I’ll have to get over wanting everyone to like every dish.  Aside from being impossible, what’s the worst case?  They try the food, don’t like it, and don’t eat it.  I can handle that, especially if I can learn something from the experience.

What is an outcome I envision from my food experiment?  My hope is by the end of 30 days that I will be a bit more comfortable and even enjoy cooking for friends, which could change how we socialize going forward.  Sounds possible and even fun.

Another possibility is having my husband prepare his from-scratch, exemplary pizza for dinner guests or his egg-stravaganzas for brunch guests, which luckily he has no problem creating whenever and for whomever.  🙂


2 thoughts on “The devil’s in the details

  1. A friend emailed me this comment:

    I’ll return today after a 12-day stay in Sydney, Australia visiting my twin sister and her family. In those 12 days, I have had only one meal at a restaurant because my family hates the noise and the wait for service. All the meals have been healthy, but clearly not from locally-grown food. Enjoy your worthy June experience.

  2. Another wish from my 30-day dine-in challenge: I will find books, blogs, and people to inspire me and help me stay motivated to cook, cook, and cook some more during and after this experiment. I hope that the more I cook, the more I’ll find taste combos that say “Yes!” And with June bringing a new vegetable or fruit to the farmers’ market almost every week, that shouldn’t be too difficult.

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