In your kitchen

Who knows—you just might be inviting me into your kitchen on Sunday mornings!

On Sundays year-round, I wake up around 6:45 a.m. so I can get to my weekly farmers’ market by 7:30.  I help three people set up the High Ground Organics booth with tents and tables.  We display the beautiful, fresh, seasonal produce grown in Watsonville (about an hour away), using the farmer’s successful sales philosophy of “pile it high, watch it fly!”

At 8:30 we start selling the vegetables, and my other “job” begins. I have the great fortune of being part customer service representative and part sales person for a product that I adore:  vegetables!

Every Sunday is a learning experience.  I get to answer your questions about vegetable availability, flavor, and preparation; hear about your favorite family recipes and food traditions; converse about cooking successes and failures; and suggest new vegetables and recipe ideas for you to try based on what you like.

It’s my dream job also because you, my farmers’ market customers, are willing to talk with me—a total stranger—about the very personal experience of what you eat.  Over time, as you return week after week, we get to know one another, you invite me into your kitchen through your words, and we continue our dialogue about what is in season and what we love to eat.

Maybe I’ll see you at the farmers’ market this Sunday so we can talk vegetables!


One thought on “In your kitchen

  1. Yay! Love the farmer’s market. When I last visited Santa Cruz, we went to one and it was just great. Since it looks like I’ll definitely be living there for at least a few months starting in 2010, perhaps I’ll have to come and visit you and your farmer’s market as well. Can’t wait!

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