Why is Thanksgiving my favorite holiday?

Off the top, because it is America’s primo food holiday!  🙂  I think most people celebrate by eating heartily.  And it’s okay to talk about family recipes and traditions and new culinary holiday directions. And It’s all about breaking bread together over a homemade meal created with love.

But I’m also looking forward to:

  • gathering with friends who include us like an aunt and uncle year after year at their family’s table
  • having a relaxed, intergenerational time together learning about one another’s lives since we last met
  • admiring the beauty of the dinner table filled with nature’s bounty (edible and inedible)
  • luxuriating in the expressed and unexpressed gratitude of it all!

I hope that your Thanksgiving holiday is filled with whatever makes you happy (and if you’d like to describe what that is, please do!).


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