Whoa, that’s personal!

The line between what is private (held confidential) and what is public (permissible for anyone to know about us) seems to be more gray as I get gray.

I remember talking on the phone about the details of my life, but that was in the privacy of my office, my home, or my bedroom—with the door closed!

Now, we can’t not hear someone talking about their life details on their cell phones as we pass them on the sidewalk, as we’re sitting in a cafe or restaurant, or even as we’re using a public bathroom!

These days, what information sharing should be reserved for private places?  Here’s what comes to my mind:  our deepest truths, needs, desires, guilt, shame, remorse, love … Looks like those are the same things that have always been personal and private?

So, maybe what is private and personal hasn’t changed … but because we’re saying these things on the phone in front of strangers—who we will never see again—it doesn’t matter that we’re saying things that used to be reserved for behind closed doors?

We now appear to be comfortable laying bare our souls anytime, anywhere—because we can, and because what we’re saying isn’t important to anyone but the person we’re talking to?

I have to admit that I’ve thought about all of those people on the other end of these public cell phone calls.  I do so hope that they want to hear all of the same information that I am hearing!  🙂


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