Welcome to my world

Alas, I’m afraid that I must be quite typical. I know that I must fit into some profile or category of person.

What I mean is that people who share one of my interests and activities either already share several or are open to sharing several. It’s about overlapping interests between people who are similar to me, I guess.

What am I interested in? Well, here’s a start:

  • Being a farmers’ market junkie (yay for local food)
  • Gardening (fava beans, hot chiles, and succulents)
  • Artistic pursuits, like cooking, knitting, crocheting, ceramics, singing, and so on (baking might be next!)
  • Saving electricity, gas, and water and reducing my trash through recycling, reusing, and composting
  • Walking instead of driving, if possible
  • Birdwatching and hiking
  • Caring for animals, both domestic and wild
  • Moving away from right/wrong/good/bad to understanding feelings and needs

Interesting exercise to list some of the activities and interests that are meaningful to me.

I don’t care if anyone else has these interests, but I admit that it sure is nice to see familiar faces as I make my way through my world.


One thought on “Welcome to my world

  1. Great list for all who want to live in harmony with the Earth for the next million years. By then we might have worked out a system that will last a few billion years.

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